Who We Are

                      Who We Are


Giulio Baraccani, founder and manager of SOCAM, is a passionate entrepreneur who involves and stimulates his collaborators day by day.
“The fitter is not just one who tightens bolts! We need passion for what we do. This is the only way to maintain the attention and the essential care in order to do our job well!

Since 1994, Giulio has started 4 new entrepreneurial activities with various partners, and his clear vision of company organization combined with a great passion for doing business made possible the creation of 4 new companies, in different industrial fields. Each of them offers excellent products and has achieved important market positions.
The exchange between this group of companies is favored by a common vision of doing business and is a precious opportunity for everyone to improve their technical and organizational knowledge.

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The knowledge of each of them becomes the heritage of everyone, by providing solutions from different sectors. This allows us to extend our vision in a continuous preparation to conquer the future with passion and determination every day.

SOCAM Srl is a solid company that since 1984 has been manufacturing, assembling and testing industrial machines, industrial plants and small and large mechanical groups.
The headquarters is located in Imola in an accessible area, covering about 4000 square meters of which 2000 indoor square meters.

The establishment consisting of two sheds and an office building is equipped with a 1000 square meter photovoltaic system that covers the annual energy needs, disposing of all the asbestos parts present in the plant.
The operating spaces are organized according to the different types of assembly. For repetitive productions, all the assembly processes are carefully analyzed, the spaces are organized and the necessary equipment is created to facilitate the work and reduce the assembly times.
The resin floors and the regular maintenance of the premises guarantee suitable environmental conditions for the construction of machineries for the pharmaceutical field and machines for food products.
The departments of assembly are equipped with two overhead bridge cranes up to 10 tons. A complete mechanical processing department allows the adjustment and modification operations to be carried out inside the plant and any equipment necessary for the assembly to be made.